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About Gabriel Capital, LLC

Focusing on portfolio management and investment consulting services, Gabriel Capital works with individuals, small businesses and larger organizations. Our goal is to generate superior, risk adjusted investment results for clients every year.

Located at the AmberGlen office complex just west of 185th avenue in Beaverton, Oregon, Gabriel Capital is a "fee-only" investment advisory firm. As a fee-only firm, there are no conflicts of interest that you may experience with commissioned salespeople. Gabriel Capital does not receive any commissions or sales charges. All fees are negotiated and based on the value of the account managed. Clients may select direct billing or have fees deducted from their accounts. The financial interests of Gabriel Capital and the client are aligned.

Portfolio management clients of Gabriel Capital hold their accounts at quality discount brokerage firms (i.e., Charles Schwab Institutional). These firms provide asset custody, account statements, on-line access, and allow Gabriel Capital secure trading capability on behalf of clients. Gabriel Capital does not hold client assets.

Additional services such as investment consulting, option exercise advice and asset allocation reviews are available on an hourly basis to non-portfolio management clients.

Investment Philosophy

Human emotion and behavior change very little over time. Combining this truth with rigorous technical analysis, and thorough fundamental research, leads to superior long-term investment results.

Investment Methodology

Two types of investment analysis are used to build and manage client portfolios:

Fundamental research answers the question of what to buy. This type of analysis looks at a company's financial statements, management team, and competitive position within its' industry.

Technical analysis answers the questions of when to buy or sell, how much, and at what price. The primary tool used is Point & Figure technical analysis. It involves the study of supply and demand patterns reflected in the stock price. This sheds light on investor behavior. Actions speak louder than words!

We can count on the fact that people tend to behave in similar ways, in similar circumstances. Technical analysis draws attention to these behavioral patterns. This allows action to be taken to either protect or grow investment assets. Technical analysis works because it frees the investor from making emotion based decisions. Emotional decisions typically lead people to get in at the top (pay too much) and get out at the bottom (give it away). Technical analysis promotes disciplined investor behavior.


Combining fundamental and technical research helps to answer the following questions:

  • How much of the portfolio should be exposed to the stock market at this time?
  • Which industrial sectors should be represented in your portfolio(s)?
  • What stocks or funds should be used to represent the chosen sectors?

Investment Principal: Dan Jacobson

Dan Jacobson is responsible for all investment activities, and is the founder of Gabriel Capital. With more than seventeen years of portfolio management experience, in some of the most challenging markets over the past thirty years, Dan brings a unique and time tested approach to managing risk and return.

In 1990, Dan graduated from the University of Oregon Business School with a Bachelors of Science degree in finance. In 1999, Dan earned an MBA degree from the University of Portland's Robert B. Pamplin Jr. School Of Business.

Dan lives in Portland with his wife and two daughters and his good pal Mario (the pooch!). In his spare time, he enjoys bicycling, basketball, church activities, reading and travel.

"The true idealist
preaches not class hatred but universal love; not to redistribute wealth but multiply the wealth; not more regulation but more freedom; not security but opportunity. The true idealist is the missionary for individual freedom and competition.

Sir John Templeton
Founder of Templeton Mutual Funds
(January 1961)